Functional Nutrition

What is Integrative & Functional Nutrition?

Integrative and functional nutrition uses a holistic approach to improve my client’s outcomes. This client-centered approach focuses on identifying the root cause of the issue and identifying any nutritional imbalances utilizing a combination of scientific and practice-based evidence to guide responsible practice. This integrative and functional approach also utilizes nontraditional labs such as a stool test (microbiome), micro-nutrient test (vitamins, minerals), food sensitivity test (identify food & chemical triggers) and many others to support our client’s path to optimal health.

Specialty Nutritional Testing

Test, don’t guess.

Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that help our bodies perform basic and advanced metabolic functions at the cellular level. Spectracell’s micronutrient test, is an intracellular (inside the cell) test vs. the more traditional and less accurate serum or extracellular (outside the cell) test which is important as this is where the metabolism does its job. We need vitamins, minerals, etc. to help the metabolism function optimally.

Food Sensitivity Testing

What are food sensitivities?

Food and food-chemical sensitivities are different than a food allergy or an IgE reaction such as anaphylactic shock to peanuts. Food sensitivities tend to show up after a couple of hours to a couple of days and therefore need a systematic approach to detecting them. The symptoms of a food sensitivity are also very different from a food allergy, as noted above. There are a variety of food sensitivity tests on the market today, LEAP/MRT testing is the current one being utilized…

Food Sensitivity Testing

What test do I use?

I use the MRT/LEAP food sensitivity test which tests 170 different foods and food-chemicals. MRT stands for Mediator Release Test. Mediators are inflammatory chemicals that trigger symptoms such as digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, etc.), headaches, migraines, joint, skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema and more. LEAP is the Lifestyle, Eating And Performance program that accompanies the test results. To learn more, check out “How Food Sensitivities Cause Inflammation”

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