Are you confidently using lab tests to personalize client recommendations?

Danielle LaFata

“As a healthcare practitioner since 2006 I’ve enjoyed the benefits that micronutrient testing gives me to help me better help my but it wasn’t always that way. I felt overwhelmed, I felt helpless, and I felt confused. However, other the years as I continued to practice and get support from my mentor, not only did I learn to use the test better in my practice, I became so good at it I started helping our colleagues and now I’m creating this program.”

Danielle LaFata

Are any of these things keeping you from utilizing this micronutrient testing in your practice?

You are overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

Starting to feel comfortable but still not completely sure where to go or the patterns aren’t completely coming together.

Got it down but may have forgotten something, or not quite sure you have what you need.

Danielle is extremely competent in putting together patterns and correlations using micronutrient panel results. She explains it all in a very concise manner and has a wonderful personality as well. I learned a lot. Thank you Danielle!

Dusty Floyd, MS, CN

If you’re ready to get started I have created many different options for me to help you.

Using labs and personalizing recommendations helps you and your patients win. That’s why I’ve created these programs to make them easy and efficient for you to make these wins more often.

Get Help with Lab Interpretation & Personalized Recommendations

One 30-minute Consultation

$65 One Time Payment

30 minutes

One-on-one session

Review up to three labs

No commitment

Three 30-Minute Consultations

$169 One Time Payment

30 minutes

One-on-one session

Review up to three labs

One year to use

DB Nutritoin Monthly Membership


2 – 30 minute sessions/mo

Member-only Facebook group

Monthly newsletter

Clinical pearls

If you’re still wanting to learn more about my services or still have questions about micronutrient lab testing then please join me for a free live session via zoom.

Happy Practitioners

Danielle was thorough and attentive to my questions. I really enjoyed speaking with her and the information she provided was very helpful!

– Dr. Sara Sultz, MD

Danielle LaFata is very smart, easy to talk to and offers very thoughtful input. She likes to dig deeper and find out as much as she can about your clients health history in order to help you come up with the right treatment plan.

– Christine Bou Sleiman, MS, RDN, CLT

Danielle was very knowledgeable and helped me better understand the results; this was my first Spectracell call so I had a lot of questions! She helped answer all of them however I just wish we had more time to go over everything!

Rebecca Watson, MS, RD, CLT

Danielle is a great resource for the Micronutrient and Cardio Metabolic panel. She answers questions and is able to give insight into the nutritional component to help balance the imbalances. Thank you.

Julie Bruns, RN

Daniele is so smart and passionate about her job! I have learned so much during our consults.

– Kristen Goldbach, BSN, RN-BC

She was very helpful with explaining markers and suggesting supplements.

Dr. Julia Ward, MD

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and the information I provide is for educational purposes only. Nothing herein is to be construed as medical advice or as a substitute for medical advice. I’m not providing you with any patient recommendations, those are for you to develop and implement yourself.